Ohio University

OHIO Homepage 2020

Be Safe Bobcats – Coronavirus Response

Acclimating to this new and dynamic environment, we can learn, teach, and work in unanimity with one another, understanding that our united efforts will be vital in protecting all members of our Bobcat family.


Future Bobcats

We’ve been innovating for 216 years and we’re not going to stop now. OHIO is generations bound together by experience; forever adaptable, forever focused, forever forward. The skills that have prepared OHIO to grow and lead as a university are the very skills we pass onto each of our students. Discover your place in OHIO’s storied timeline whether in Athens, at one of our regional campuses, or online.

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Graphic illustration of the state of Ohio and all Ohio University campuses and centers

We are One OHIO

Whether you’re in Cleveland or Ironton or anywhere in between, OHIO offers access to a world-class education tailored to your needs. With five regional campuses, satellite learning centers, and robust online opportunities in addition to the main campus in Athens, you can approach your higher education needs in a way that is personalized and impactful for you!

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